Airsheds and Artists: Raising Air Quality Awareness with Rachel Beyer

Amanda Schutz
May 6, 2024

Airsheds and Artists: Raising Air Quality Awareness

Canadian Women in Design has partnered with Alberta Capital Airshed to develop original artwork to cover the St. Albert air monitoring station.

Rachel Beyer is a commercial illustrator based in Edmonton. She attended MacEwan University and holds a diploma in Design and Illustration (and a past CWID interviewee!). She has a love for working with her hands and in her spare time draws, carves wooden spoons and experiment with a variety of new media. Rachel works as an illustrator at Bible Project.

Check out Rachel's process from sketch to final art to install in the photos below.

“I love spending time outside: on long walks, running, hiking, gardening. But my personal connection to the issue deepened in 2022 when I was diagnosed with long COVID, which seriously compromised my lung function. What was once a seasonal annoyance during periods of poor air quality has now become a serious health concern. This firsthand experience really underscored the importance of maintaining good air quality, not just to help folks like me, but to keep our communities healthy and thriving.” Rachel Beyer, CWID Designer

A big thank you to Alberta Capital Airshed for this unique partnership. More pictures of the install coming, this Summer!

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